Building a safe & sustainable Flint Park

Our three-phase restoration plan helps protect our park by introducing a new model of sustainability, maintenance, & recreation to be enjoyed by every age.
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Programming & Activities
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Long-Term Park Maintenance
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Fiscally Sustainable
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Environmentally Evergreen
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Larchmont's marquee park needs your support.

Frustrated over wasted resources?
Flint Park is struggling with neglect. Despite cycles of past fundraising campaigns, our park has not been maintained with most amenities facing end-of-life conditions. If you’re not avoiding the park’s unsightly deterioration, then you’re probably feeling let down by the disarray, concerned for safety of amenities such as the basketball and paddle courts, playground and turf field.

Flint Park Conservancy has worked with community stakeholders and the Village of Larchmont to implement a three-phase restoration plan that ensures that the revenue captured from park permit fees are preserved for park maintenance and the vibrant Future of Flint.
core values

Bringing New Life & Vitality to Flint Park

Operating fiscally and environmentally evergreen.
Committing to environmental protection & preservation of historic buildings.
Expanding access to passive and active recreation opportunities in the park.
we believe you deserve

An inviting, clean, and sustainable Flint Park

Flint Park is Larchmont’s shared backyard — hosting our children’s sports events, community gatherings and offers a local connection to nature and the Long Island Sound. We understand the frustration of funding issues that go unsolved. So, we created a three-phase restoration plan that helps protect our park by introducing a new model of sustainability, maintenance, and recreation to be enjoyed by every age. That way, you can enjoy a safe and well-maintained Flint Park with peace of mind.
Sponsor Opportunities
A Diverse & Inclusive Park
Our goal is to enhanced amenities to be create a more inclusive and accessible park for our community.
Improved Pathways & Greenways
Approximately 1.5 Miles of new interconnected pathways and bike paths.
All-Age Playground
Including an adult/teen fitness area and ADA equipment for kids.
Renovated Athletic Fields & Courts
Improved athletic resources, including renovated sports fields and basketball courts with outdoor volleyball functionality.
An Enhanced & Maintained Park
Enhanced native tree canopy, landscaping and beautification.
Renovate Tennis Pavilion
Renovate Tennis Pavilion and surrounding landscape/hardscape.
Preparing for Phase Two
Further rehabilitation and enhanced sustainability efforts to realize Flint's potential.
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Making sustainability simply effective.

newly designed playground rendering showing new all ages equipment
Phase One
Focus on high-interest amenities
and end-of-life assets.
current disused state of the tennis court pavilion
Phase Two
Rehabilitation of Flint's 100-year old historic buildings.
current state of green spaces in Flint Park showing poorly maintained pathways
Phase Three
Enhance sustainability, accessibility, & four-season park opportunities.
Planning & Submission

Flint Paddle League

Partnered in the proposal for expansion from two to three paddle courts. Assisting with fundraising efforts in Phase One for new paddle courts and a warming hut.

Architecture + Design

Rick Yestadt, an award-winning architect and founder of Yestadt Architecture and Design, is bringing the lasting value of good design to Flint Park.

IQ Landscape Architects

IQ Architects is helping shape scenic experiences in Flint through research-driven, nature-centered design. IQ Architects shares our commitment to superior Flint Park that is environmentally sensitive.


Kompan has over 50 years of experience as a commercial playground manufacturer, with a focus on natural elements and inclusive play opportunities.

DeRosa Sports

Our partner and premier builder of tennis courts and track & field facilities.


Friends of Larchmont's Parks has been a key partner in master plan design and launch of fundraising efforts.


The Village of Larchmont and the Department of Public Works has been instrumental in the Flint Park needs assessment and long term maintenance plans of the park. 

Flint Camp

Flint Camp is enthusiastic about the plan for a rehabilitated Flint Park as they utilize Flint's fields and buildings for the Village's this long-standing and well-loved summer camp.

Woodard & Curran

Woodard & Curran is helping us achieve and ensure that our efforts improve water and the environment which benefit our neighborhood, community, and the Flint environment.
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How It Works

Step-by-step to transform Flint Park.
Choose Your Impact
Choose one of the Phase One amenities that you'd like to contribute directly to or make an unrestricted gift.
We Transform Flint Park
Our 3 phase plan was officially greenlighted for fundraising by the Village of Larchmont in late 2021. We aim to fundraise and restore all Flint amenities over the next 5 years.
Make a Tax-Deductible Donation
Flint Park Conservancy is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and 100% of your donation goes directly to the rehabilitation of Flint Park.
You Enjoy Flint Park
Installation of Phase One amenities will commence in 2022, with the goal of completing all restoration by 2026.

Make a tax-deductible donation towards the Future of Flint


We're ready to break ground on our first phase, but we still need your help. Leave Your Mark on Flint Park.

Make An
Unrestricted Gift

Give To The Whole Plan


The success of all three phases of the Future of Flint project is contingent on support from our extraordinary community and neighbors.

Choose Amenity

Target Your Giving By Selecting Promenade Amenities
Choose Sponsorship
Sponsorship Opportunities


Transform Flint Park for the next 100 years. Speak with us to make a transformational gift toward Flint Park and learn about our landmark contribution gifts.

Naming Rights

Legacy Sponsorships $25,000+
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With your critical support, we are commencing a $5M, 5-year restoration plan for Flint Park.

80% of funds need to come from private donors.

Our Promise

Flint Park Conservancy aims to create an authentic greenspace that offers passive and active recreation, which has enhanced the health and wellness of the Larchmont community for the past 100 years. The Flint 100 campaign aims to promote community engagement and revitalize the largest greenspace in our area, with precious proximity to the Sound and its marine ecosystem.

Passive & Active Recreation
All-Ages Programming
Preservation of Historic Buildings
professionally rendered plan of alma field by design group partnerprofessionally rendered plan of alma field by design group partner

Melissa Manice


Carolyn Dorfman


Alison Roffi Pagett


Laura Brancato

Board Member

Act now to ensure a safe
& sustainable Flint Park

We will lose the key amenities of Flint Park that have been deemed unsafe and end-of-life.

Flint History

Honoring the 100th anniversary of Flint Park

Flint Park was deeded to the Village of Larchmont by the Flint family in 1919 and has served as the largest park in the community for the past 100 years.

image of original flint deed bestowing Fint Park to Larchmont
The original Flint Park deed dated September 1915.

Flint Today

Flint needs our love and attention.

The Flint Park Conservancy was founded in 2004 when the current playground, Alma Field and nature walk were installed. Unfortunately, while the Village receives revenue from the Park via park permit fees for various recreational uses, these revenues have not been sufficiently allocated towards maintenance of these precious assets.

Future of Flint

A new model for sustainability.

The Village of Larchmont has a rich history of successful private-public partnerships and the Conservancy is proud to partner with the Village of Larchmont to implement a shared governance model for Flint. The restored Flint buildings and grounds represent an opportunity for the park to reinvest in annual maintenance needs and unforeseen capital expenditures so as to protect Flint for the next 100 years.

Restoring Flint Park
Reimagining Flint as an evergreen community center that is self-sustaining.

Download Future Of Flint Master Plan

The current state of Flint Park, inclusive of the buildings, fields, and courts - has been severely impacted by a lack of maintenance. So, we crafted a plan for the future of the park.

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